How to Save Money at Orlando Airport

Often, it is very difficult for people to save money while traveling. After spending a lot of money on hotels and plane tickets, you wonder what your next expense will be.

People usually save the most when they rent a car, which is very affordable and convenient at MCO Airport.

Staying at the airport can often turn out to be an expensive option. For example, passengers often visit Duty Free and do not even look at the price tags for their favorite perfumes or glasses. They just pay and get temporary satisfaction.

Prepare for Luggage

You can usually save a lot of money by packing your luggage yourself. Packing luggage at the airport is very expensive. If we talk about the Orlando airport, then the price of packing one 30-kilogram suitcase reaches about 56 dollars. For this money, you can eat well at the airport and take it with you. Therefore, we recommend that you independently take cling film at home and pack everything you need. However, what you don't need to pack is hand luggage.

Monitor Car Rental

Being at the airport, we recommend you to think about the future. This applies, first of all, to choosing the type and option of transportation in Orlando. What is definitely worth using is the rental car service. Orlando Airport offers cheap car rentals for any period you need. Just choose the desired car option and use this service. 

By using the rental car options, people have the opportunity to feel the comfort of the trip and be mobile. You will be able to get to your desired location without any problems and enjoy your trip.

Exchange Money Before Trip

If you do not live in America, be sure to take care of exchanging your local currency for dollars. However, if you forget to do so, you can exchange your currency at a local exchange at the Orlando airport. Usually, the exchange rate there is also optimal, so you won't lose money.

Take Your Own Snacks and Water

In order to significantly save money during the trip, you should buy various snacks and water in advance. Among them can be nuts, dried fruits, cookies, candies and others. It is better to take more water, because during the flight you need to stay hydrated. In order to fit it all in, we recommend you take a backpack.

Save Internet Data on Your Phone or Laptop

You can also save money if you think in advance about what information you might need during your stay at the airport. For example, if you get bored, you can read an interesting article by saving it on your device. This also applies if you want to see options for departure from the airport. Solve this issue in advance to avoid using paid Wi-Fi at the airport.

Take Entertainment

If you want something to entertain yourself at the Orlando airport, do not rush to buy expensive magazines or books. Using such services at the airport is very expensive. Long before departure, come up with entertainment options for such an event: you can download podcasts, e-books or simply edit a video.


Saving money is necessary and useful. The more money you save at the airport, the more souvenirs you can bring back to your home country straight from Orlando. Just choose your budget and don't give in to your needs. It is better to take care of all the necessary issues in advance, so that you have time to shop and get emotions from some excursions in the region.


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