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Original Title: From Perforation, Blasting to Dumping, Understanding the Six Processes of Open-pit Mining in One Article! The mining process of open-pit mine is relatively simple, mainly including drilling, blasting, mining, loading and transportation, and rock dumping. Next, we will talk

Originally published as Is it too difficult to drill stainless steel? What kind of drill is good? Nowadays, the application of stainless steel is more and more extensive, and a number of drill bits suitable for stainless steel have been developed for drilling in the market. Today, ZTE Yide Xiaobian will discuss with you about the drilling of stainless steel. The premise is that we must first understand the processing characteristics of stainless steel. The stainless steel material has strong plasticity and high toughness, but when drilling, the stainless steel surface has a large degree of hardening, the cutting temperature is high, and when drilling, the twist drill is surrounded by the hole wall around the stainless steel surface, it is difficult to dissipate heat, and it is very easy to stick to the drill bit. Therefore, stainless steel drilling requires that the drill bit shall have high hardness, good surface finish,dth button bits, and the vertex angle of the drill bit shall be larger than that of the ordinary drill bit (between 130135). Meanwhile, it shall be fully cooled, and the feed rate shall be greater than 0. 15 mm so as not to cut in the cold hardening layer as far as possible. When drilling stainless steel, the speed is reduced as much as possible, the drilling temperature is also reduced,mining dth bit, and the emulsion is used for drilling. Drill bits commonly used for stainless steel drilling are: high cobalt twist drill (M35 twist drill, M42 twist drill), of which M42 high cobalt twist drill has the best cost performance. In addition, a replaceable carbide crown bit can be used, but the price is higher. Cobalt-containing twist drill is a twist drill containing the chemical element cobalt (Co). The purpose of adding the chemical element cobalt (Co) is to improve the high temperature resistance and abrasion resistance of the twist drill, so that the drill hole can successfully penetrate the stainless steel surface. Cobalt-containing twist drills are divided into cobalt-containing and high-cobalt drill bits. The materials are M35 and M42. Cobalt-containing twist drills are harder than ordinary twist drills, but they are also fragile. Expand the full text Replaceable carbide crown bit is a new generation of drilling bit. It consists of a steel drill body and a replaceable solid carbide crown, and its machining accuracy is eight and a half kilograms. But that proces cost can be reduced and the drill yield can be improved because the tooth crown can be changed. This kind of drill can obtain accurate aperture size increment and has self-centering function, so the aperture machining accuracy is very high. Besides these two bits, Borehole Drill Bits ,Tapered Rock Bit, is there a stainless steel bit? Can you drill? Believe that many people have such an idea, ZTE Yide Xiaobian will use this video to verify everyone's idea. Poke the video Kangkang Established in 2012, Wuxi Zhongxing Yide, a 304 L stainless steel supplier, is located in the Andali Building near the Oriental Steel City in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, a well-known stainless steel market in China, with excellent geographical location and convenient transportation. It is a comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in low-carbon stainless steel, integrating warehousing, processing, trade and distribution. Wuxi Zhongxing Yide is mainly engaged in 304 L, 316 L, 317 L, 409 L, 436 L, 904 L, 301L and other low-carbon stainless steel plates, stainless steel coils, stainless steel strips and stainless steel flat steel, with a standing stock of more than 1000 tons of materials, complete specifications and sufficient supply. At the same time according to customer requirements to provide a variety of stainless steel plate processing services: Kaiping, slitting wire drawing, mirror, oil grinding, polishing, punching, bending, leveling, slitting, cutting,fastest dth hammer, rolling, punching and so on. Want to know more exciting content, come and pay attention to the official website and WeChat public account of ZTE Yide. Source: WeChat official account: zxydbxg Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.


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